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Squad 55
is an Emergency 4/911 First Responders gaming clan. We focus on realistic, cooperative game play. Squad 55 is setup as virtual emergency services with our own standard operating procedures, response cards, ranks, etc. We are run by our members, this means Squad 55 members have a say in any changes throughout the clan. If you are interested in joining Squad 55 please click at the top of page on " Application" , and fill out an application then join us on Teamspeak You must have Teamspeak 3, a working microphone, and be at least 15 years of age. It's as easy as that! Still not sure? Have a question? Hop on our Teamspeak and speak with any Squad 55 officer/staff member!


Our Teamspeak IP is port 9987 


Current Staff:

Commissioner Wheels
Deputy Chief Jazzer92
Assistant Chief  Taylor
Battalion Chief Jared

Captain Caleb
Lieutenant Baldino

Official Squad 55 Badge

Est. February 2009

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5 days ago Palmer just joined our community, welcome!
5 days ago fiveguy99 has applied through the recruitment application Squad 55 Application
5 days ago fiveguy99 just joined our community, welcome!
6 days ago ProbieScaryPotter was accepted through the application Squad 55 Application
12th May ProbieScaryPotter has applied through the recruitment application Squad 55 Application
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